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Scents and Sensibilities

The Coach Light offers America’s premier lines of candles in dozens of popular and highly unique fragrances because we realize that “scent” is highly personal.


Desired fragrances, of course, change seasonally, as do our selections of both scented wax and natural botanicals. For instance, depending on the time of year, our shelves will be stocked with favorites like Aromatique’s “The Smell of Spring”, “Cinnamon Cider”, and “The Smell of Christmas”; or Claire Burke’s “Applejack & Peel”.

Candle Lines

  • Aromatique potpourri

  • Candle Warmers home fragrance warmers

  • Claire Burke potpourri

  • Swan Creek American soy wax candles and tarts

  • WoodWick candles and reed diffusers​

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